But why cloud peak law?

It’s a question that’s driving you nuts. Which of the many attorneys and websites should you choose for your most important decisions? And you just can’t figure it out: On the one hand, Legal Zoom is cheap and offers documents you need, but none of the critical legal advice. It’s cheap for a reason.

On the other hand are attorneys with plenty of advice: they merely want your first born as payment. Allow us to help…

So why choose us? Hint: it’s not only because we have the lowest prices. We believe forming trusts, qualifying for Medicaid, creating companies and passing on your estate are rights everyone should enjoy.

Now, for the question you’re probably asking next… why do you charge so little? We know your time is valuable, we know how to offer these products efficiently and we know we make a difference in peoples lives. That should make it easy to know why we prefer 1000 average Joes to helping 10 ultra rich clients. 

Estate Planning

The estate planning process is inevitable and yet many tend to avoid the discomfort of such issues because it relates to death and dying. The only question is do you wan't to get ahead of the issue, or be bothered with difficult questions during a difficult time AND pay much more in taxes than necessary? The answer to that is obvious.

Quit delaying and take control of your future today, rather than being forced to react during a difficult time. A majority of Americans lack basic wills, thus leading to a tortorous probate process. Probate is generally required when an estate's assets exceed $200k, but through our services, you can establish Revocable Living Trusts.

The revocable living trust has been an important estate-planning technique for many years, and is the foundation for most estate plans. Thus, it is important to understand how a revocable living trust functions, their advantages and, most importantly, whether the advantages are applicable to their situation.

Aside from taxes, there are other significant issues surrounding estate and elder law. We are happy to meet with you to discuss issues such as probate, advanced health care directives, durable powers of attorney, simple wills, revocable trusts, irrevocable living trusts and other estate planning strategies. Implementing the proper strategy can help you achieve your financial goals regarding federal estate taxes, federal gift taxes, and state taxes. Discussions surrounding estate planning often involve the whole family.

Asset ProtectioN

Do you have home or car insurance? Then consider insuring against bankruptcy, divorce and aggressive creditors. Domestic Asset Protection Trusts are the onshore equivalents of offshore tax structures, but with less scrutiny and lower costs. DAPTs take advantage of Wyoming trust laws and can benefit you REGARDLESS of where you live. Click here to learn how to protect your assets.

Domestic Asset Protection Trusts (DAPT)

Think of DAPTs as containers into which you place your assets. There's a lid and it may only be opened according to rules which you write. This legal structure affords protects assets from aggressive creditors and are available in all 50 states. Our debtor friendly state laws can benefit everbody.

Medicaid trust planning

Medicaid planning arises via the facts end-of-life and long-term health care is often unreasonable expensive. This fact holds even for middle class families. Medicaid provides assistance for those who qualify. The assistance is means-based and differs by state, but frequently income and assets are the determiners. Medicaid Planning consists of strategies which make assets legally inaccessible. Follow this link for further information on Medicaid Planning strategies.

Asset protection, or debtor-creditor law, is legal planning to protect against civil judgements. Creditor rights vary state-to-sate and Wyoming has enshrined a number of debtor friendly laws. This planning can assist individuals and businesses who are unfairly pursued by overzealous creditors. As proud members of the Domestic Asset Protection Counsel we are happy to walk you through the process.

corporate services

Looking to form a Wyoming company? We will handle the incorporation, be your WY registered agent and provide an instant virtual officeDebating between Wyoming, Delaware and Nevada? We handle those as well, but click here for why we generally recommend Wyo corporations.

Your next question is probably... Why Cloud Peak Law Group over other "similar" services? Hint: it's not just our low prices. We've been in the industry for 30+ years, guarantee satisfaction and everything is handled online. Take care, most of our "competitors" are not attorneys. Your correspondences WILL NOT be covered by attorney-client privelege.

We also allow you to handle incorporating online yourself and we'll just act as your resident agent. Our goal is to make your life easy. We have become Wyoming's favorite corporate service provider for a reason. Others market cheap corporations and registered agent services... and you get what you pay for. We help secure your future through providing follow-up services such as asset protectiondomestic trusts and estate planning. Our relationship doesn't end when you pay, that's when it begins.